TRIO is the first on the market multi-drug eluting stent where nano-layers of different drugs are assembled on DLC platform. Two different anti-proliferation agents (antibiotics) are grown as separate layers one by one on DLC-platform. Different drugs are released consequently, one by one, according to sequence "programmed” in nano-layers (drug containing and nano-membranes).

trio-release-plotFirst outer layer of water soluble antibiotic (methotrexate) allows approaching high concentration of drug at implanted site for the relatively short while immediately after implantation.

The 2nd lipophile (water insoluble) antibiotic (rapamycin) begins to work afterwards during ca. 40-60 days.

Whole assembled coating structure is 100% biodegradable and leaves no rests after bio-degradation process

Coating is extremely smooth and uniform and demonstrates high adhesion to the strut surface and no sufficient adhesion to balloon surface (which can lead to appearance of massive coating defects at expansion).

Assembling of Surface layers on BioDiamond Trio stent


Comparison of Trio vs. Rapamycine in minipigs studies

comparison-trio-rapamycine-minipigs before-implantation trio-after-implantation

Control = stents without any coating. Ra1 = group of animals implanted with Rapamycin stents It is easy to see that TRIO coating causes 35% less restenosis than Rapamycin coating

Before implantation

After implantation

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