PlasmaChem GmbH - The Past, Present and Future

_CAS9929_bearb PlasmaChem GmbH was founded 1993 in Mainz. In 2005 the company moved from Mainz to Berlin and is now located in the district Adlershof - the "City of Science and Media" — Germany´s leading science and technology park with more than 800 technology oriented companies, 6 institutes of Humboldt University and 11 non-university affiliated research institutes.

The main business field of PlasmaChem concerns nano-materials, detonation-, vacuum-, plasma- and ultra-thin film technologies and their biomedical and technical applications.

General manager and owner of Plasmachem GmbH - Dr. Alexey Kalachev (author of more than 100 publications and patents) - has spent over 15 years at the Academy of Science of the USSR (presently Russian Academy of Science) working in above mentioned areas of science.

From 1990 Dr. Kalachev was working in Germany: at the Max-Planck-Institute of Polymer Research (Mainz), Mainz University, Institute of Micro-Technology (Mainz) and Humboldt University of Berlin. With these and other renowned german research centers PlasmaChem GmbH supports close relationship through several joint R&D projects.

Especially close cooperation was established with Humboldt University of Berlin (Chair Physics of Macromolecules, Prof. J.P. Rabe) ( also located in Adlershof/Berlin, where PlasmaChem has own research facilities and provides measurements of modified surfaces and nano-objects using different analysis methods, first of all Scanning Probe Techniques (AFM/STM/STS). Together with Humboldt University of Berlin PlasmaChem has developed a new approach for arrangement of polymers including polynucleotides (DNA, RNA) on atomically flat surfaces to get a proper molecular DNA-Chip (link zur entsprechenden Webseite) for direct nanoscopic sequencing of genomes. A patent application has been filed for this development.

The main technology points of PlasmaChem concern the development of processes induced by low-temperature plasma on different surfaces and in organized mono-molecular films (Langmuir-Blodgett and Self-Assembly Films), in atomically flat inorganic solids and in liquid interfaces and advanced technologies of synthesis and modification of nano-materials.

PlasmaChem is originator of several successfully performed national German and European (EU) projects.

From 1998 PlasmaChem GmbH began manufacturing new patented cardio-implants (BioDiamond) of unique design and properties, with biocompatible nano-layered Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC)-coating which serves as an effective barrier against leakage of heavy metal ions (i.e. Cr, Ni, Mo) from surgical stainless steel 316L. Furthermore PlasmaChem has developed new generations of cardio-surgical implants - implants with controlled drug elution and biosoluble (biodegradable) temporary implants.

In the area of medical devices PlasmaChem GmbH has developed also leading-edge contact lenses of long wear (> 90 days/nights permanent usage). In 2004 a new company was founded in cooperation with Bayer AG, Germany (Leverkusen) for manufacturing and promotion of these products. This company — Lenswista AG — is now located in Berlin/Adlershof too.

The second important business line is the production and sale of new products for research and industry - Nanopowders (link: nanomaterials seite)(NanoDiamonds, NanoCeramics, NanoMetals and composite Nano-particles - Nano-capsules). In 2005 PlasmaChem has launched the first-in-the-world General Catalogue of Nanomaterials (link: Katalog) and related products.

Plasmachem performs chemical and low temperature plasma modification of nanopowders with the purpose of functionalization of nano-particle's surface assisted by new plasma-chemical methods developed by PlasmaChem for ultra-dispersed materials. This approach leads to a new family of industrial nano-products with improved and tailor-made properties.

Along with advanced nano-particles PlasmaChem developed novel ready-to-use industrial nano-products like nano-abrasives, additives to engine oils and composite nano-suspensions for electroplating and electroless plating of metals. A business-contract with Siemens AG ( regarding this issue has been established.

PlasmaChem GmbH developed a novel and unique surface analysis method — NanoLuminography. The R&D phase has been completed, several patent applications were filed and granted already at national phase. A first commercial prototype is recently in progress.

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