Sedimentation Gauge

Absolute Sedimentation Gauge

The new balances add-on, Absolute Sedimentation Gauge, was developed by our engineers for the precise measurement of the stability of colloidal suspensions (sedimentation kinetics) of nano- and microparticles.


The device utilizes the direct real time measurement of the precipitated particles weight in solution. Direct methods are always advantageous in comparison with the indirect ones (such as turbidimetry in the case of sedimentation). The direct measurement always provides a primary values, which don´t contain approximations and additional measurement and calculation errors. So, turbidimetry or spectroscopy that measures the light transmission or scattering through solution, will give a false result in the case if particles aggregate with time (the transmission will increase rather than to decrease). Results are independent on any optical, magnetic or electrical properties of particles or medium.

ASG-K7701 includes analytical balances. The measured data can be transmitted to computer via a standard RS 232 cable.


  • 1 analytical balances
  • 1 stand for a beaker
  • 1 frame
  • 1 planar weighing scale
  • 1 conic weighing scale
  • 1 standard beaker
  • 1 RS 232 cable
  • 1 software distributive for Windows


3700 EURO

We are also pleased to offer you the sedimentation analysis service performed by qualified scientists in our laboratory.

Standard sample*

Ca. 300 ml colloidal suspension with description.

Supplied data

We provide you with raw data of standard measurement
(comprised of three 2-hours sedimentation measurements) in EXCEL format.


1 standard measurement: 100,- Euro
10 standart measurements: 500,- Euro

* Please provide us with risk (R) and safety (S) phases of all components in the sample.

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