PlasmaChem won recently the 1st stage of EU-granted industrial project TINOHEAT. Plasmonic Nanoceramics for Plastic Industry. 

FilgenThe successful report on 1st stage was submitte at May 2017. More info


2017 - PlasmaChem GmbH is happy to become the official sponsor of the following upcomming conferences:


14th International Conference on Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology, March 30- 31, 2017, Madrid, Spain
5th  International Conference on Multifunctional, Hybrid and Nanomaterials, Portugal, April  2017
1st  European / 10th  German BioSensor Symposium Potsdam, Germany 20-23rd March 2017
6th  European Young Engineers Conference, Poland 2017
Trends in Nanotechnology International Conference, 5-9th  June, 2017, Dresden (Germany)
20th International Conference on Advanced Nanotechnology, 11-12th  September 2017, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2nd Global Congress & Expo on Mateials Science & Nanoscience, Valencia, Spain, Sept. 25-27, 2017
15th   World Medical Nanotechnology Congress & Expo, October 18-19, 2017, Osaka, Japan
3rd Annual Conference and Expo on Biomaterials 5-6th March, 2018 Berlin, Germany

PlasmaChem announces it has signed a distributor agreement with Filgen Inc., Japan

Filgen 2016-07-01 PlasmaChem announces it has signed an exclusive distributor agreement with Filgen Inc. for distribution of PlasmaChem's nanomaterials in Japan. The distribution agreement will allow PlasmaChem to win access to the local R&D and industrial customers. More information about Filgen is available at

PlasmaChem invites to Nanotech Poland 2016

Nanotech Poland 2016 2016-05-27 PlasmaChem invites all visitors of Nanotech Poland 2016 to the booth of its distributor, 3D-Nano. The event will take place in Poznan (Poland) on 22-25 June 2016.

PlasmaChem invites to InterNanoPoland 2016

InterNanoPoland 2016 2016-05-26 PlasmaChem invites all visitors of InterNanoPoland 2016 to the booth of its distributor, 3D-Nano. The event will take place in Katowice (Poland) on 14-15 June 2016.

PlasmaChem thanks all the visitors at Analytica 2016 (Frankfurt, Germany)

Analytica2016-PlasmaChem 2016-05-15 PlasmaChem thanks all the visitors at company's booth at Analytica 2016, which was held in Munich (Germany) 11-13 May 2016. Along with the running and emerging products, PlasmaChem has presented the novel product developed jointly with Semiotic LLC, Russia - the low-price, high accuracy, mass production molecular diagnostic glycan microchip. More information about this technology is available for download: New Molecular Diagnostics of Cancer, Flyer (EN)

Our new address

2016-02-01 PlasmaChem is happy to announce about its relocation to the new address: Schwarzschildstr. 10, 12489 Berlin (Germany)

PlasmaChem invites you to Nanotechnology Congress & Expo (Frankfurt, Germany)

Nanotechnology-2015 2015-04-01 PlasmaChem heartly invites you to the Nanotechnology Congress & Expo held in Frankfurt on 11-13 August 2015, sponsored by our company. You can meet us at booth 15 in the exhibition hall. More information about the event is available at


2015-02-28 PlasmaChem GmbH is happy to become the official sponsor of the following upcomming conferences:
09-13 March 2015 - Forth International Hybrid Cnference on HYBRID MATERIAL 2015 at Sitges, Spain
10-11 March 2015 - NanoSpain 2015 Toxicology International Conference at Bilbao, Spain
11-12 March 2015 - CS International Conference Frankfurt, Germany
27-29 March 2015 - ICNBS Egypt 2015 Giza, Egypt
13-15 April 2015 - Nanotechnology-2015 Dubai, United Arab Emirates
12-14 May 2015 - EMRS Spring Meeting 2015 Lille, France
15-17 June 2015 - Nanotech France, Parigi, France
21-24 June 2015 - 5th International Colloids Conference, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
12-17 July 2015 - Carbon 2015 Conference, Dresden, Germany
11-13 August 2015 - Nanotechnology Congress& Expo 2015, Frankfurt, Germany
24-26 September 2015 - 5th Annual World Congress of Nano Science and Technology-2015, Xian, China

PlasmaChem's Quantum Dots Featured at SONY's Exhibition (New York, USA)

PlasmaChem's QDs at SONY 2015-02-01 The Sony Wonder Technology Lab (SWTL), a state-of-the-art, interactive technology and entertainment museum for all ages in mid-town Manhattan, unveiled a new exhibit that allows children and families to explore the realm of 4K, the innovative technology that is taking over the high definition digital media world. The exhibition features Quantum Dots, a novel type of materials and technology used for colour correction in displays. PlasmaChem is proud to supply the Quantum Dots for the exhibition. More information about this news is available at press release

PlasmaChem announces it has signed a distributor agreement with 3D-nano., Poland

3D-nano 2015-01-01 PlasmaChem announces it has signed a distributor agreement with 3D-nano Co. for distribution of nanomaterials in Poland. The distribution agreement will allow PlasmaChem to win access to the local R&D and industrial customers. More information about 3D-nano is available at

SUN 12-month meeting

2014-10-24 Successful first year for the SUN Project. As a result of the work of the first 12 months, the project consortium has highlighted nanoscale Copper Oxide from PlasmaChem as one of the case studies. Nanoscale CuO is commonly used in antimicrobial wood coatings. It was decided that CuO will be evaluated as additive in a high-gloss acrylic wood coating, where the anticipated antimicrobial activity of CuO would provide an additional functionality for the coating.
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2013-08-16 PlasmaChem GmbH is happy to become the official sponsor of the following upcomming conferences:
1-6 September 2013 - ECIS 2013 at Sofia, Bulgaria
2-5 September 2013 - Diamond 2013 at Riva del Garda, Italy
9-13 September 2013 - OECS 2013 Rome, Italy
22-26 September 2013 - NANOAPP Portoroz, Slovenia
16-18 October 2013 - NANOCON Brno, Czech Republic
13-17 November 2013 - Nanomaterials Conference ZiNG Playa del Carmen, Mexico
4-6 December 2013 - 6th Bangalore India Nano, Bangalore, India


PlasmaChem Nano Korea 2013 2013-07-15 PlasmaChem was proud to be an official sponsor of NANO KOREA 2013 conference - the largest nanotechnology event of South Korea accomodating over 3000 scientists at the conference, and over 400 companies at the exhibition. PlasmaChem's together with its distributor iNexus Inc. took part at the exhibition. We would like to thank all our visitors!
Image courtesy: iNexus Inc. 2013

Metal Oxide Nanoparticles Toxicity Summary

HINAMOX PlasmaChem GmbH is happy to announce that the European project HINAMOX, targeted on the study of the safety of nanoparticles ending in just few weeks delivered excellent and surprising results.
Within the last three years the extensive work of 7 groups across Europe (all of them members of the European Nanosafety Cluster) as well as from Mexico and China was targeted on the thorough in vitro and in vivo study of possible adverse effects caused by metal oxide nanoparticles. Cell proliferation, cytotoxicity, immune response, genotoxicity, dust formation experiments as well as intravenous, nasal, oral and topical administrations of five types of nanomaterials – oxides of aluminium, cerium, iron, titanium and zinc – were studied.
All materials - with exception of ZnO nanoparticles - showed very low to no toxicity of all. Zinc oxide, contrary to other representatives of oxides family, showed considerable cytotoxic and cytostatic properties as well as immune response in the in vitro experiments. Breathing experiments performed on mice, also indicated low tolerable concentrations. Nonetheless, the long-term observation of the mice over 180 days after inhalation, showed complete recovery of the animals inhaling ZnO.
All in all, the massive data collected during this research study, indicates that the possible danger of nanomaterials is strongly overestimated. This work confirms the necessity of further intensive development of nanomaterials and nanotechnology, and though does not cancel the stipulation of further research in the field of materials’ safety, yet considerably relieves many concerns related to the possible nanomaterials’ hazards.
Results of the project were presented at over 60 national and international events; ca. 20 articles are to be published shortly. More details on the project are available at

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