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Biodegradable Alloys

PlasmaChem GmbH is developing the tailored alloys for coronary stenting that could meet the following requirements:


  • 1. No elution of harmful compounds/elements (like Cu, W, Mo, Cr, Ni, Al) which can cause local and general negative biological effects.
  • 2. Slow degradation allowing remodelling of vessel wall, good capsule formation and to keep local pH of blood and surrounding tissue stable.
  • 3. Good plastic deformation, ultimate elongation and general mechanical strength similar to surgical stainless steel.
  • 4. High homogeneity. No metal or non-metal inclusions.
  • 5. Good visibility in X-rays (optionally).

Bioabsorbable stents made from new BIOMETAL alloy have many advantages for the following reasons:

  • BIOMETAL is based on natural components of substance exchange in a human body. Bio-corrosion products do not cause inflammation.
  • BIOMETAL has the potential to inhibit cell proliferation and immune-response reactions. There is no need to releasing antiproliferative drugs during degradation.
  • BIOMETAL stents retain mechanical properties similar to conventional metallic stents.
  • Full degradation of the BIOMETAL alloy requires few weeks.
  • BIOMETAL stents do not require long-term antiplatelet therapy.

PlasmaChem has already completed the main cytotoxic and mechanical laboratory tests with metal alloys for biodegradable stents.

It is important to know that the BIOMETAL product-family includes a variety of new bio-soluble alloys which can be successfully used also for other surgical devices and implants, e.g. for clips, screws and holders used for reparation of broken bones and as cosmetic implants to change the shape of tissues through the remodelling.

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